Collagen Beauty Tea

Support your skin, hair, nails & joints with the benefits of collagen-infused organic tea!

We bet you’re looking for smoother, radiant, glowing skin? Less wrinkles? Thicker hair? Stronger nails and joints, and improved gut health…. Gosh, aren’t we all…… Well, you’ve landed in the right place! (phew!)…. Upgrade your skincare routine with our collagen infused organic tea and let it work from the inside! Enjoy collagen benefits from Type I and III bioactive collagen peptides to help reduce fine lines, dull, dry or flaky skin, skin pigmentation, hair loss, weakened joints and brittle nails! We’ve formulated this range of Collagen Beauty Teas, the ultimate collagen drink, packed with antioxidants and infused with one of the world's most trusted hydrolyzed collagen peptides for a super-boost for your skin, hair & nails - plus we added some delicious organic herbs, tisanes, botanicals and spices to help support your beauty from within. Yessss!!!


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