Breaking the Silence of Menopause: Unveiling the Reasons Behind Women's Hesitancy to Discuss Menopause

The Silence of Menopause

Menopause is an inevitable and natural phase in a woman's life, marking the end of her reproductive cycle and menstruation. Despite being a shared experience amongst women worldwide - conversations about menopause often remain shrouded in silence or whispered quietly amongst the tightest of friends, in hushed tones about hot flushes, night sweats, dry vaginas, low libido, sleeplessness, gained weight and changed skin conditions.
We want to delve into the reasons why women might be hesitant to talk openly about their journey through menopause…. because hey – we’re now hearing from you all when you buy our Menopause Tea With Collagen – where you are DM’ing us, emailing us and messaging us to tell us that this blend has been life-changing, but none of you are writing reviews openly or publicly on the website to share your love of your new found bliss and relief from our formulated Menopause Tea blend –  so you have to ask yourself, why aren’t you willing to shout out from the rooftops on a website about a product that has relieved such frustrating symptoms? So let’s check out those reasons why none of you want to talk openly about menopause…..

Menopause and Societal Stigmas:

One significant reason behind the reluctance to openly discuss menopause is the prevailing societal stigma surrounding aging and the associated changes that come with getting older – like looking and feeling attractive, body positivity, skin radiance and muscle mass. Yes we all want to stay young, looking young and feeling young…. but it’s around the mid to late 40’s and early 50’s when the inevitable will happen – if not earlier – that menopause or peri-menopause comes along, and your body just starts to transition to peri-menopause and commence menopause with a variety of symptoms – different for every woman.
In many cultures, women are often expected to remain perpetually youthful, and discussions about menopause can be perceived as an acknowledgment of aging. Breaking down these societal stigmas is crucial to encouraging open and supportive conversations amongst us all – freely and openly – because we’re mostly all going to share one of these menopause symptoms at some point in our lives – if not now – and we should feel comfortable talking about a natural change in our bodies….. the silence of menopause can be deafening, but let’s make some noise now! Let’s also make women feel beautiful at no matter what age and stage they are in their journey by being kind, complimentary and supportive.


Menopause – The Fear of Judgement:

Women may fear judgement or negative perceptions from others when discussing menopause. As noted above, the societal emphasis on retaining your youthfulness and the pervasive idea that menopause signifies a decline in attractiveness and vitality contribute to this fear – like a big red flag that says “This women is getting old!!”  Showing empathy to your fellow females experiencing menopause symptoms, and creating a non-judgemental space for conversations and solutions for relief, can help women feel more comfortable sharing their experiences and talking openly about menopause, and also sharing solutions to some exasperating menopausal symptoms to help relieve hot flushes, night sweats and sleeplessness. It could become a sound ‘sisterhood’ that we’re all going to need at some point. It’s no longer about looking young and attractive, because as they say, ageing is a blessing, and a gift that many don’t have the privilege to gain – so start complimenting your female friends, tell them how good they’re looking and make them feel good when you see them.
And don’t forget to do the same to yourself - don’t be so hard on yourself either. Menopause does not equal old and dried up…. it is just a normal phase of our female body, and there are many women over 50 who are beautiful, attractive, healthy and strong who can wave the flag for looking great as we age. So be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and be part of the movement to open up the conversation and start sharing your experience. You just never know who’s sitting next to you who’s silently feeling the same way and simply longing to talk about it and vent, and who’d love a compliment to ‘make their day’ just that much better!


Menopause – The Lack of Education:

Misconceptions and a lack of accurate information and education about menopause also contribute to the silence surrounding the topic. Women might refrain from discussing menopause due to not understanding what’s changing in their bodies, the hormone changes and not understanding why they’re feeling the way they do, and also due to the fear of being misunderstood or garnering incorrect information. Promoting menopause education and awareness can empower women to engage in informed conversations about this natural life stage. Today, there are so many podcasts, online forums, online articles, information from women’s clinics, online menopause education websites, and the resource of 1on 1 discussions at your local women’s clinics, your doctor or chemist, where there is heaps of information and facts to garner about menopause and perimenopause and reading all about it. You are not alone. In fact, there's about 80,000 women every year in Australia who start their own menopause journey – so you are not alone feeling this way – and that’s all the more reason to suggest to other women in your life, “let's open up the conversation! Let’s talk about it”.

Menopause – Your Personal Privacy:

Menopause is a deeply personal experience, and some women prefer to keep it private. The physical and emotional changes associated with menopause within your body can be intense, frustrating, exasperating, depressing and life-changing, and women may choose to navigate this journey quietly. They may not have discussed it with their partners, their mothers, sisters or best friends, but some times a bit of respect, empathy and reaching out can help that comfort level soften, to perhaps a safe space where they can talk about it when they’re ready.  Respecting individual preferences for privacy is essential in fostering a supportive environment.

Menopause – Your Emotional Challenges:

Menopause often comes with emotional challenges such as mood swings, anxiety, and even depression. Also changes with your body, sleeplessness, weight gain and often skin changes can all come into play and effect your life ( and your moods), creating further emotional and mental stress and add sleeplessness on top of that – you’ve got one highly stressed out woman who’s perhaps suffering and in need of a chat. Women may hesitate to open up about these struggles due to the fear of being perceived as emotionally unstable. Encouraging discussions around mental health and providing emotional support can help break the silence about menopause and the reality of struggles that some women are facing daily.

Workplace Dynamics and Menopause:

Women may avoid discussing menopause in the workplace due to concerns about potential biases or misconceptions, and also about ageism in employment. Fear of being viewed as less capable, getting older, aged out of their roles, or even less dedicated may lead some women to keep their menopausal experiences to themselves and they may work hard to hide this – sweaty pits and all. Promoting workplace policies that support women through this transition can help break down these barriers. Be part of the change in the workplace and raise it with your HR team.


Menopause Relief:

While menopause remains a silent transition for many women, breaking down the barriers to open up the conversation and encourage communication is essential. By challenging societal stigmas, promoting education, and fostering supportive environments, we can empower women to share their menopause experiences and navigate menopause with greater understanding and solidarity with better education for those yet to hit perimenopause so there can be less judgement, more empathy and more tolerance in the future. It's time to break the silence and embrace menopause as a natural and shared journey that deserves an open conversations and support. So be part of the change and open up the conversation today!!

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