Celebrity Skin

50g Pack (approx. 30 serves) 

Celebrity Skin


Highlight: Complexion Tea (skin – glow - cleanse!)
Flavour: Herbal lemony, pepperminty with a touch of florals - loose leaf

Best: Anytime organic herbal collagen tea.
(Naturally caffeine-free)

Love how your fav celebrities have glowing smooth skin? Well this is the ‘mac-daddy’ of collagen beauty teas to support your complexion goals!!! This organic beauty tea is packed with organic antioxidants and nutrients along with hydrolyzed collagen peptides to support improved hair, skin and nails! If you’re after a little assistance in repairing and rejuvenating your skin from the inside out, and want to nourish glowing skin with improved skin texture, then this collagen blend has all the natural ingredients that will support your quest to reduce wrinkles and fight ageing skin! Specifically formulated for ‘beauty from within’ to enhance your skin, this collagen blend will support improved skin elasticity and skin tone as well as your skin’s quality. Smile, (don’t squint) & enjoy!

Here’s a little update we thought you’d love - Calendula tea is extracted from Marigold flowers, and is often used as a complementary or alternative treatment in beauty and skincare products. Calendula has been added to our Celebrity Skin Tea because it’s known to have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that could assist in healing skin, skin wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving skin rashes. This beauty tea blend also has Nettle Leaf which is also a powerful herb to assist with skin health – combined with our hydrolyzed collagen your skin is going to love this blend!!!

Created, blended and packed in Australia with local and imported ingredients, which are 100% organic where possible


  1. Burdock root– blood purification, help with acne and eczema and skin quality
  2. Lemon myrtle– cleansing properties targeted at acne and improved skin
  3. Alfalfa– detoxification of the urinary tract, liver and blood cleansing, digestion
  4. Peppermint– skin health
  5. Liquorice root–hair growth, reduction of dandruff and unpleasant body odours
  6. Nettle leaf– skin health, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure
  7. Milk thistle– blood pressure and cholesterol
  8. Calendula petals– natural antioxidant and assists skin healing
  9. Orange peel– hair health and breath cleansing (loaded with Vitamin C)
  10. Bovine hydrolyzed Collagen – helps improve the body’s skin, hair, nails, joints, skin tone and elasticity.

SHAKE ME TO TAKE ME:  Shake the pouch to distribute the collagen tea and all the ingredients evenly.  Add 1 heaped teaspoon (approx. 1.5 grams) of Fusspot’s loose leaf Celebrity Skin Tea to a strainer/infuser, then place into a cup (250ml) of freshly boiled water for 2-5 minutes pending on the strength you prefer.  Remove strainer and enjoy warm, or even chilled over ice.

This is a herbal tea: A Great morning, daytime or evening drink that contains no caffeine.  Drink 1 cup any time of day, and particularly at night approx 2 hours before bed.

BONUS: Celebrity Skin Tea may also be used as a herbal facial steam bath, by adding one teaspoon to a bowl of steaming hot water. (Be mindful of the hot water not to burn your face) – Grab a towel and steam your face for 5 to 10 minutes. Caution needed. Rinse and pat dry.

100% organically grown and ethically sourced tea and herb ingredients where possible.

Warning: -  Made on equipment that may also process nuts and gluten.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing without professional health care advice.

Go Aussie Go! - Created, blended and packaged in Australia using local and imported ingredients.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

1.5grams /teaspoon - approx. 30 serves per pack

A blend of Burdock root, Lemon Myrtle leaf, Alfalfa, Peppermint, Liquorice root, Nettle leaf, Milk Thistle, Calendula petals, and Orange peel with hydrolyzed collagen (sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide).