Unleash a new you this year with Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea: The Hottest Tea in Town!

Is focusing on your health and wellbeing a priority for this year? With so many people neglecting their skin and healthcare during the pandemic, we could all use a little TLC. And what better way to do that than with a cup of yummy hot tea that’s not only perfect for improving your wellbeing, detoxing your system, packed with antioxidants and will help to alleviate stress relief, but ALSO gives your body a much-needed boost of easily absorbed hydrolysed collagen peptides? There’s a reason why so many of our customers are such avid supporters of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea and we’re here to explain exactly why!


Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is All Natural

All of our collagen tea blends are made from organic ingredients including tisanes, tea leaves, herbs, botanicals and spices as well as premium, concentrated bovine hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Our focus is beauty from within, and we pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients that go into our collagen tea blends. When you take a sip of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, you can rest assured that you are drinking only the choicest, most natural products we could possibly find.

Because our products are free from preservatives, they are best used within six months of opening, but may be used longer than that, up to 24 months if kept in an air-tight jar or ziplock bag in a cool and dry place. 


Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is Australian made and owned

Want to reduce your carbon footprint this new year and support local businesses? Now’s the perfect time to do so! An avid tea-drinker from Australia, Sam created the brand after thorough research, development, focus groups and technical blending iterations with a Tea Master using local and imported ingredients. All of Fusspot collagen beauty teas are created, blended and packed in Australia, and truly pack a powerful punch.


Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea Focuses on Sustainability

With the state of global warming and climate change as it is, we all need to play our part in reducing plastic waste on the Earth. Traditionally, teabags have been developed with plastics and sealed with minute amounts of micro-plastics made from oil, which when in contact with hot water leach microplastics into your tea and consumers are actually drinking nanoplastics. Moreover, as these teabags decompose, they leave trace amounts of plastics in the soil or water, which in turn contributes to the massive plastic burden on the planet today. Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea did NOT want that….. you can find out more about our biodegradable and sustainable teabags HERE.

 At Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, all of our teabags are made from Soilon® fabric, a lactic acid derived from cornstarch that is designed to withstand heat but is completely biodegradable and compostable. Moreover, the non-toxic and non-bleached strings attached to the teabags as well as the tag are made of the same material, which means you can easily chuck your teabag into your compost bin after you’re done with it without worrying about the microplastics leaching into the soil or being landfill. 

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Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is Devilishly Delicious

It’s completely fabulous how great our collagen teas taste! And we love hearing our customer’s delight at how lovely they are to drink! And we mean DELICIOUS!!  With 11 unique blends available, from chamomile and lavender in our The Showstopper and Cloud Nine Blends to premium matcha in our Miss You Matcha blend, through to more subtle notes of hibiscus, rosehip shells, elderflower and rose petals in our Twirlie-Girlie blend for skin, hair and nails, there’s something for everyone! Prefer a stronger black tea to wake you up in the morning? We have that too! Just check out our antioxidant-rich black loose leaf tea, The Headliner or our teabag English Breakfast Tea - The HIgh-Flyer blend.


Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea is Great For Your Body AND Your Skin

Combining the powerful benefits of the many antioxidants naturally occurring in tea and the skin-boosting properties of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea gives your body a much-needed boost to help it fight free radicals and prevent cell damage, while pumping it with collagen peptides to help repair the damage that has already been done. As we grow older, the collagen production in the body naturally slows down, and once we reach menopause, the decrease becomes even more rapid. Because collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is responsible for giving our skin its elasticity, there’s little wonder that a decline in collagen results in dull, lifeless, sagging skin and thinning, brittle or greying hair!

Moreover, collagen also helps strengthen our ligaments, tendons and joints, and degeneration in collagen can lead to more joints and muscle aches and pains, weakness and several bone and joint disorders.
Plus, the antioxidants present in teas also promote gut health, as does collagen peptides which also support the gut lining -  which means that with just one drink, you’re targeting all areas of the body!

If you’re still on the fence about buying your very first pack of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea enriched with hydrolyzed collagen peptides, read these real-life accounts from avid Fusspot Tea fans, Jo  Nadine and Felicity and the very real results the three women have seen. Now go on, add your favourite flavours to that cart and click checkout now!


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