Real Skin Results from a Collagen Tea Drinker

Q&A with a Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea Fan!

Now by now you know we love to celebrate the women who are buying and enjoying our Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea – why? Because these are the real women who are focusing on improving their health and wellness, adding collagen tea to their daily skincare routines, managing their ageing process,  boosting their antioxidants, upgrading their daily beauty routine, who love drinking organic tea to boost antioxidants, and who are committing to drinking our collagen tea daily to support their skin health, and gain such wonderful benefits such as promoting hair and nail growth, and their overall wellbeing. 
We see and hear so many stories, and receive so many photos, reviews and messages with amazing journeys of women who are seeing and feeling fabulous results from Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, and we thought we’d like to start sharing these with you. 
So, today, please meet Felicity. 

Felicity has been a Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea customer for just a few months now, since July, and commenced her journey with us when she won a super-prize pack on Instagram and got to choose four blends to start trialing Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea! She has since become a huge fan, regularly posting herself drinking one of the collagen tea blends she received on to her Instagram page and stories!!!  So, we wanted to chat with Felicity as part of this series, as perhaps if Felicity hadn’t won her prize pack of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, she may never have started her own personal collagen tea journey…
Let’s hear what she has to say so you don’t miss out as well!

Hi Felicity, it’s so wonderful that you’re happy to tell us about your experience with Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea - can you give our readers a little overview about you – where you live, what you do and what your interests are?
Absolutely!  Hi everyone, I'm an Adelaide girl working full time for a big corporate company, whilst juggling a side hustle, I have a parenting podcast and 2 beautiful energetic children!

So Felicity, can you please tell us about why you started drinking Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea?  To give readers some context, you won a competition in July and won four packs – The Showstopper, Chai So High, Glow Junkie and Ginger Ninja…. But what has made you continue drinking it and enjoying it?
That's right - I was your LUCKY winner and I'm so thankful for the generous prize pack!  I love drinking tea and exploring new blends so I had my eye on your brand but hadn't yet had the chance to try it.  Winning in July was perfect as I had ample delicious tea to see me through the cold winter months.  I genuinely love the flavour of the blends I have tried and the added benefit of the Collagen and all the other goodies in it is a massive bonus!

So, can you tell us which is your preferred blend/s and why?
That is so hard!!  If I can only choose one I would say Glow Junkie is one I could never get sick of drinking.  The Glow Junkie blend of Green tea and the organic Spearmint is spot on - it's so easy to drink and I find it really refreshing and cleansing after a meal.

Real results for collagen for skin results

Do you mind sharing with our readers any results you’re seeing, or any verdict or thoughts about any of the blends??
​For sure, the biggest benefit for me I would say is my skin.  My complexion is probably the best it has been for a long time and I feel really clean and clear and have a healthy glow which is amazing coming out of winter.  And it's not just me that has noticed, I am getting regular comments on how good my skin is!

We’d love to share with our readers what were the first results that you started to see?
Definitely my skin and my nails.  My toe nails are growing super fast these days, I've even had to increase the frequency of my pedicures!

So, you’ve told about why you started drinking Fusspot, and what blends you are enjoying, and what results you started to see, but the next question would be how many cups a day do you drink?
Ooooh tough one, it varies to be honest.  I'm definitely a seasonal drinker and love my tea especially in the winter months so my intake has slowed down a bit but generally 1 a day!

And we’d love to share with our readers what your thoughts are of the taste of the blend you’re drinking? What does it taste like? Do you add any sugar, honey, milk or lemon or have any other tips to share with others about the blends of your choice – like do you drink it hot or cold? Etc?
I don't add anything - I honestly love the blends as they are, with nothing but hot water - that said if you have any suggestions for the warmer months in how to drink a cool version I am all ears!!

Thank you so much Felicity for sharing your story of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea with us!!! Great to hear that you’re getting compliments on your skin already! We love to hear that!!!
Oh, and to answer your question for summer months -  we suggest that you boil the water, scoop a teaspoon of your Fusspot Glow Junkie blend, or try our Twirlie Girlie blend too, pour the hot water over the tea and let it steep, then let it cool, and then pour over ice to chill it!  You can even add a slice of lemon, cut up strawberries or fruit, a sprig of mint, or even some fizzy water!  You’ll still get the benefit of the collagen AND the tea blend, but it’ll be a lovely cool refreshing drink for summer months.

The ultimate Collagen Drink for Summer, Collagen Beauty Tea chilled for better skin

So, this journey is one of the biggest rewards of starting Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea – I was looking for a solution for my own needs – I love drinking tea, and I was looking into starting to take collagen (as I am ageing too, and I was overwhelmed by the poor choices, poor quality and confusion of how to consume and use collagen), and then the idea popped up – a tea infused with collagen! I realised there were probably other women out there, just like me, who would also enjoy a collagen infused beauty tea in an easy to drink format, ready-made, formulated to support their skin elasticity and skin hydration, help to plump and smooth ageing skin, help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, crows feet, smile lines, brittle hair, hair loss, brittle or broken nails and to give them a functional tea to help support hair growth and promote nail growth, support stronger ligaments and tendons and their overall wellbeing.

It’s been such a delight to hear Felicity’s story and to hear about her results, AND to share another viewpoint of what it means for another woman to drink Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea and how it’s helping her see great results….
Drink the benefits everyone, your skin will love you!!

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