Collagen Results for Hair, Skin and Nails

Collagen Results for Hair, Skin and Nails - Q&A with a Fusspot Fan

So, by now you know we love to celebrate the women who are buying, drinking and enjoying our Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea because this is the actual reason why I created Fusspot Tea!  It stems from being an avid tea drinker, like….. I drink a LOT of tea, and I love the benefits you gain from tea!
I am just like any other woman out there, who’s slowly seeing the signs of ageing…… and I had been researching collagen, and trying to understand the various products on the market, and the large discrepancy between collagen products on offer – so many were filled with fillers, flavours, sugars, (calories) proteins, (carbs) and I was just after pure, high-quality collagen, and I was actually pretty overwhelmed by the vast choices and trying to understand the true quality of the collagen products on offer, plus,  I also had confusion of how to consume/use collagen because the information and types of collagen available was pretty hyped up with big brand marketing!

And then it hit me – why don’t I create a beauty tea with all the benefits and antioxidants that come from organic tea, and infuse it with hydrolyzed collagen peptides!  Collagen that is both premium, high-quality and scientifically proven!?  The power of collagen results for hair, skin and nails.... combined with organic tea! I knew I was onto something! 

And that my friends is how Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea came to be!!!

So, THAT’S why we love to celebrate all the women out there (YOU!), who are just like me – starting to see the signs of ageing, or to prevent them, and who are looking for an easy, affordable and highly beneficial ready-to-drink product!!!  We are the women who are focusing on improving our health and wellness from the inside!  We want to start managing or preventing our ageing process, boosting our daily antioxidants to cleanse our systems and those pesty free radicals, and we are looking to upgrade our daily beauty routine, but who ( just like me) are time-poor! 

So if you love drinking organic tea to boost antioxidants and gain the benefits of the herbs and botanicals in formulated organic tea and tisanes, and you’re willing to commit to drinking our collagen tea daily to support your skin,  hair and nails, and overall wellbeing – you’ll no doubt gain the benefits from collagen with results to support radiant skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, bones, joints and improved gut health.
We hear so many stories, and receive so many photos, reviews and messages with amazing journeys of women, just like you and me, who are seeing and feeling fabulous results from Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, and here we share another of these stories with you in our series of REAL WOMEN who drink Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea.  Enjoy!

So, today, please meet Nadine. 

Woman drinking collagen tea with better skin, collagen for skin

Nadine has been a Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea customer for many months now, and commenced her journey with us from a referral through a friend who was seeing great benefits of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea and recommended Nadine give it a go!  Nadine is actually based in Canada, but is Australian, and it was her Aussie best friend who recommended she try our “Miss You Matcha” Blend.  Nadine has since become a huge fan, and has even joined our auto-ship subscription service receiving her collagen tea shipments every 30 days delivered directly to her door, and with 15% off no less!!!  
We wanted to chat with Nadine as part of this series, as perhaps if Nadine hadn’t been recommended by her friend to start drinking Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, she may never have started her own personal collagen tea journey…

Let’s hear what she has to say so you don’t miss out as well!!

Hi Nadine, it’s so appreciated that you’re excited to tell us about your experience with Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea - can you give our readers a little overview about you – where you live, what you do and what your interests are?
Hey!  I am an Aussie from the GC who now lives in Canada.  I am an entrepreneur, mum and online fitness professional who specializes in helping women over 35, to live their best life!! 
Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is my passion, you will find me training hard in the gym, building my fully integrated online fitness and wellness platform , getting out to the Rocky Mountains as much as possible in the winter and spending my summers by the lake paddle boarding and hanging out with my kiddos. Life is busy! 

Nadine, can you please tell us about why you started drinking Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea?  
My bestie from Melbourne introduced me to your ahhhhmazing tea!!  She was telling me about her results so I decided to give it a try. ( Jo I love you xxx)

Andddd….  what has made you continue drinking it and enjoying it?
I just love it, I have one every morning and it’s the perfect start to my busy day.  I find that when it’s super cold here (-40c) having another cup in the afternoon is the perfect way to warm up and tackle the rest of my day. 

So, can you tell us which is your preferred blend/s and why?
Miss you matcha ❤️ I am allergic to black tea so matcha it is. I just love how smooth and sweet it is. No bitterness like other brands I have tried and the collagen benefits are just a huge bonus!

Do you mind sharing with our readers any results you’re seeing, or any verdict or thoughts about the blend you’re drinking??
I feel so energized when I have a cup. My skin is just amazing. I am 48 soon 🙈 and I always receive compliments on my skin. My hair and nails are healthier and stronger as well.  I would love to try the Twirlie Girlie herbal tea  blend too!

We’d love to share with our readers what were the first results that you started to see?
Oh it was my skin, within a few days my skin was brighter and had a dewy glow, then it was my hair and nails around a month later.  I certainly notice a huge change in my skin tone and texture when I haven’t had a cup for a couple of days. 

So, you’ve told about why you started drinking Fusspot Tea, and what blend you are enjoying, and what results you started to see, but the next question would be how many cups a day do you drink?
One in the morning then sometimes in the afternoon if I need a pick me up or to warm up! 

And we’d love to share with our readers what your thoughts are of the taste of the blend you’re drinking? What does it taste like? Do you add any sugar, honey, milk or lemon or have any other tips to share with others about the blend of your choice – like do you drink it hot or cold? Etc?
I find the “Miss you Matcha” refreshing, sweet and creamy. It’s hard to explain, other matcha teas I have to add honey to be able to drink it. This one I can have with hot water and I am good to go. 
I love it hot. For a treat I will add some heated oat milk and have a miss you matcha latte! Delicious!

And lastly, we’d also love to share with our readers any photos of you – do you mind if we show them? Do you have any photos you’d like to add? Any before or afters you can share?

Thank you so much Nadine for sharing your story with us!!! Most appreciated!

So, as the founder of a business, having developed a brand and a product line from scratch – this chat with Nadine and hearing how Fusspot has helped her feel and look healthier, is the biggest reward for me in launching Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea!!  As you know, I was looking for a solution for my own needs, and after a lot of research, I realised there were probably other women out there, just like me - who would also benefit from a collagen infused beauty tea in an easy to drink format, ready-made, to also help support their skin elasticity and skin hydration, help to plump and smooth their dull or ageing skin, promote improved skin elasticity and a more hydrated complexion, to also help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, crows feet, smile lines, brittle hair, hair loss, brittle or broken nails, or lack of any nail growth, stretch marks, post-partum hair loss, pigmentation, acne, rosacea,  poor gut health, weak joints and tendons…. The list goes on…..

I wanted to offer women a functional tea to help support themselves, and an excuse to find five minutes of quiet time just for them, to sit down and have a cup of tea that delivers beneficial antioxidants, boosts collagen and also delivers a caffeine hit!

For me, it’s so fantastic and rewarding to hear Nadines’ story and to share another customer’s journey of what it means to her to drink Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea and how it’s helping her as her body gets stronger and as she gets older….. but most importantly, as she benefits from a healthy wellbeing and glow from the inside!

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