Why You Should Incorporate Collagen Tea Into Your Exercise Routine

If you’ve been believing that collagen is only for those who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and who want their skin to appear more youthful, you’d be dead wrong! While it is true that collagen has so many skin, hair and nails health-boosting properties, it also helps with muscle growth, recovery, physical performance and much more, such as enhancing and strengthening tendon, joint, muscle and bone health and performance. You know what that means? All of you athletes and yogis need to buy collagen tea from Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea today!! Here’s why:- 

Collagen and muscles

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen is the protein giving your skin, ligaments, joints, muscles and tendons their elasticity and strength. There are three main types of collagen, Type I, Type II, and Type III. While Type I collagen is mostly responsible for giving structure to the skin, Type II is associated with joint health. Finally, Type III is used in bones, intestines and connective tissues throughout the body. 

If you’re an avid gym-goer, doing Pilates or yoga guru, walking a few km's a day, jogging, weights, you're an athlete doing a triathlon, or training for a local or profession sports club, buy collagen tea today to be become a part of your daily wellness program as it’s an excellent recovery protein to help you boost your workouts. By our mid-to-late-twenties, collagen production in the body starts slowing down by one per cent to two per cent per year ( yes, per year!), and this is usually the time when our regular workouts start getting harder. You may become more prone to injuries as you get older, and these injuries will also heal at a much slower pace the older you get. Read on to find out about how Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea’s collagen tea helps you supercharge your workout and improve performance.

  1. Collagen Tea helps improve and repair Joint Health

The free radicals our body is constantly being exposed to wreak havoc on our skin, joints and bones. The antioxidant-rich pure green Sencha tea found in our Green Queen Collagen Tea helps reverse the damage caused by these free radicals, whereas the hydrolyzed collagen peptides present in this blend can reduce pain and inflammation caused by the degeneration of cartilage in the joints due to frequent activity. Studies have shown that athletes who took collagen during a 24-week period experienced less joint pain both at rest and during physical activity than athletes who didn't. 

  1. Collagen Tea helps boost Muscle Mass

Up to 10% of your entire muscle tissue is made of collagen. By supplementing natural collagen production with the hydrolyzed collagen peptides present in our Collagen Teas, you are giving your muscles an added boost of collagen to help increase muscle mass and strength. This is especially helpful for athletes who frequently weight train and want to protect their muscles from age-related deterioration.

A major reason why muscle mass tends to decrease with age is due to the natural decrease in collagen. A study based on older men but with benefits applying to everyone, regardless of gender or age, found that people who combine post-workout collagen with exercise built more muscle mass over a period of time than those who exercised but received a placebo.

  1. Collagen Tea helps prevent injuries

By providing you with more strength and making connective tissue and muscles more elastic, hydrolyzed collagen peptides also help prevent injuries. Stiff ligaments, tendons and joints are a major cause of training-related injuries in athletes, with the tendency to suffer from knee problems, shoulder issues and herniated discs increasing the older an athlete gets. Collagen also helps your body heal faster, whereas the antioxidants present in black tea fight off oxidative stress from the body, further accelerating healing. You can find antioxidant-rich blended Ceylon black tea with Assam black tea in The Headliner and 100% organic black tea in The High-Flyer, our delicious English Breakfast Collagen Tea.

  1. Collagen Tea helps improve Athletic Performance

When working out, you largely depend upon the contraction of your muscles to enjoy a safe workout without any injuries. This muscle contraction depends upon the creation of creatine in the body, a molecule made of three primary amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides are made of eight of the nine essential amino acids that your body is unable to make on its own. Due to the high concentration of arginine and glycine in collagen, it helps stimulate creatine production in the body, which then helps provide stamina and boost athletic performance. 

The caffeine present in teas like black tea, green tea and matcha tea give you a major energy boost, which can help you train for longer and harder. The best part? The low caffeine concentration compared to a cup of coffee, combined with the antioxidants in the tea will prevent the crash that comes after a cup of black coffee, which means you can stay rejuvenated for longer.

  1. Collagen Tea is an excellent source of amino acids

In addition to the eight out of nine essential amino acids mentioned above, collagen also contains at least 18 other non-essential amino acids that our body is unable to produce on its own. These amino acids serve different purposes in the body, but all work together to support our body’s protein needs, both pre and post-workout. These amino acids also encourage your body to burn stored fat, helping you get to your weight goals faster. Combine this with the weight-loss properties of green tea, and you have yourself the jackpot for meeting your goals.

Whether you prefer the strong, caffeine and antioxidant rich properties of black tea present in The High Flyer, or our loose leaf The Headliner, or are looking to bring a kick to your morning workout with a green tea like Green Queen or just to relax post-workout with a soothing, warming Chai with our Chai So High collagen powder blend, buy collagen tea from Global Award-winning collagen tea producer Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea and supercharge your workouts today!


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