How Tea With Collagen Can Promote Healthier Hair

As time passes, it is quite natural for your hair to start changing -  and not necessarily for the better. Hair may begin to turn thin, brittle, weak with more breakage, it can turn grey, not grow back or simply fall out - all these hair loss and thinning hair issues are due to your genetics and are results of the signs of ageing - exactly the same way that your skin is also affected by ageing. While it is a normal process, there is no shame in wanting to find a way to rejuvenate and restore your hair, making it appear younger, healthier and thicker.
After all, aren’t we all after lustrous, thick hair?

If you are looking for ways to prevent the typical signs of ageing like hair loss, thinning hair, greying hair and brittle and breaking hair, one of the easiest ways to start is by getting more collagen into your body through collagen supplements or tea with collagen. 

How Does Tea With Collagen Work?

Collagen's ability to boost skin elasticity applies to your scalp the same way it does to the rest of your skin, and healthy hair follicles are one of the main keys to minimise hair loss and promote thicker hair strands. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides help to assist with shiny thicker hair, and can also help you obtain radiant skin and stronger nails and joints. Once you hit your mid 20s, your body’s natural collagen production starts to decrease bit by bit as each year passes. By the time you reach 40, you are probably already beginning to notice the signs of lower collagen levels: they appear as wrinkles or fine lines, looser skin, less skin radiance, less flexibility in the joints, and maybe even thinning and weaker or greying hair.

One of the amino acids included in collagen is proline, the main component of keratin which is the protein that primarily makes up your hair. Therefore, consuming collagen drinks will provide your body with more of the essential components of hair growth and may help to promote thicker and healthier hair. This protein is also an essential component of our eyelashes and eyebrows, meaning that tea with collagen can have an effect on more than just the hair on top of your head! Collagen supports healthy hair growth by strengthening each strand the whole way down the hair shaft as it is growing, which means it also helps prevent breakage and split ends making sure your hair ends up thicker and healthier. 

Reduce hair loss with collagen tea

Preventing Hair Loss

Tea with collagen can also help with preventing signs of ageing in hair, such as greying hair, thinning hair and hair loss. Generally, most of these issues occur when the layer of skin where your hair follicles are situated, becomes damaged over time. The damage to hair follicles happens due to regular life habits like poor eating, chronic stress, UV exposure, smoking and of course, ageing - because with ageing, your body becomes less efficient at producing natural collagen and replenishing the cells needed to protect the scalp, so it can be hard to manage and most people simply accept that their hair will be affected as they grow older.

The way collagen drinks may help, is that they can help to fortify your scalp, thereby improving the health of your hair follicles which can of course lead to thicker and healthier hair. Collagen can also prevent any future damage that may happen to your scalp through the course of life, preventing any further hair loss or thinning.

Promoting Healthier Hair

The way that our hair grows actually changes as we age. Younger cells existing at the base of hair follicles use more collagen during growth, where older cells use less. This is due to how much less collagen is produced by the body at later stages of life, and consuming tea with collagen may promote the health of your scalp and it’s hair follicles, encouraging it to grow hair the same way it did when you were younger.

The layers of your scalp regenerate faster when there is more collagen consumed by the body, assisting the hair follicles to maintain the cycle of hair growth. It also provides the body with a greater number of amino acids to be used in the strengthening process of your hair follicles and protecting them from oxidative stress. This in turn can also improve the productivity of your hair follicles.

Drinking collagen drinks will also support the scalp’s thickness, and this is essential in making sure your skin is more capable of holding the hair follicles in place as they begin to grow. Since a healthy scalp is the absolute foundation for healthy hair, collagen is a major factor in making sure that your hair is growing thick and healthy. Many people forget that protecting their hair once it grows isn't the only step in making sure their hair stays healthy, the better condition your scalp is in, the more lustrous your hair will be when it actually makes its appearance. Drinking tea with collagen is the first step to making sure your hair is healthy from the get go, making it easier to maintain with additional products.

So if you have any concerns about the health and growth of your hair, giving tea with collagen a try could make some serious improvements by protecting your scalp and strengthening the hair as it grows. Try our Collagen Tea blend “Glow Junkie” which also has paw paw leaf which helps with hair health and hair growth, as well as premium hydrolyzed collagen peptides.


Collagen Tea for Hair Growth



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