What are the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen peptides in collagen drinks?

There are many health products these days that contain hydrolyzed collagen peptides, as collagen is also a very popular supplement that can be found in most grocery, health and food stores. But what exactly are the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen? And should you choose a collagen drink or a collagen powder?

For those not in the know, collagen is a protein found in the body of all animals, including humans. It makes up connective tissue, such as skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, organs, and bones. The process of hydrolyzation causes the collagen to break down into smaller, easy-to-process particles that the body can absorb and use. 

The Benefits of Collagen Peptides

Collagen contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and the hydrolyzed form of collagen, also known as collagen peptides, provides the same benefits but with the additional advantage of being much easier for the body to absorb. We cover exactly what benefits you can hope to see by drinking collagen and taking hydrolyzed collagen peptides or by consuming collagen drinks regularly and consistently. 

The Difference Between Collagen and Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

In simple terms, hydrolysis is the process of breaking down the collagen proteins into smaller units called collagen peptides. Both collagen and collagen peptides are made from the same building blocks and offer the same benefits, but the peptides are more easily accessible to the body, which means that you can start seeing improvements more quickly and easily due to their fast absorption. They're more effective at helping to repair muscles, improve skin elasticity, and keep joints healthy. So even though collagen and hydrolyzed collagen peptides are the same, peptides can work faster because of their smaller molecular structure.

The benefits of drinking collagen peptides.

  • Skin Health - Collagen makes up around 70% to 75% of our skin, the largest organ in the body. Your skin’s health is very important to your general health as well as, because it protects our bodies from any external damage, helping to regulate temperature and performing other critical bodily functions. As time passes, and as you grow older, the collagen production in your body begins to deplete, and this affects your skin’s health as well as your joints and so on. This depletion of collagen leads to loss of skin elasticity, skin hydration ( think dryness and wrinkles) and smooth skin texture (think fine lines and dull or crepey appearance). Taking collagen or drinking collagen drinks can replenish the lacking collagen in your body and help encourage the repair of your skin and the growth of newer, healthier skin cells.
  • Hair Health - your hair is made up of a protein known as keratin which is built by a variety of amino acids, which is also a large element of collagen. This means that supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen can help provide improvements in hair growth and hair health by repairing keratin hair cells from the follicles in the skin/scalp. The previously mentioned improvements on the skin also assist with hair growth as they can foster healthier hair follicles on the scalp as the hair is growing. Drinking collagen may also help improve greying hair, thinning hair, hair loss, brittle hair that breaks and also postpartum hair loss.
    Collagen for healthy, thicker hair
  • Nail Health - The fostering of healthy skin, does also improve the quality and health of your nail beds which is then able to encourage the growth of thicker, stronger nails that grow longer and are less likely to break, and which grow faster and stronger than before. Collagen is known to help foster stronger nails that are less likely to break or peel.

  • Gut Health - If you are a sufferer of digestive troubles including IBS, leaky gut or SIBO, collagen drinks may be of some help to you. As collagen drinks like collagen tea, are easy to absorb, these collagen peptides are an excellent source of protein and supplementation to help rebuild the cells lining the interior of your gut and improving your gut health and lining. It may also mean that those with sensitive stomachs will be able to easily consume and then digest collagen without causing any further stomach issues. Collagen also contains glycine and glutamine, both amino acids that are critical for maintaining a healthy gut wall.

  • Joint Health - Joint cartilage is the softer part of your joints that is designed to cushion your bones as you move. However, as you age, this cartilage can deteriorate as you grow older. Luckily, Collagen peptides can aid in the maintenance of joint cartilage to keep them stronger and in turn, allow your joints to maintain their strength and ease any potential future chronic joint pain.

  • Easier to Digest - Some Larger protein molecules that are present in standard collagen, gelatine or traditional protein powders can be more challenging for the body to digest, as they require more bodily energy to digest before they can even be used. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides have already been broken down during the hydrolysis process to allow for easy digestion and absorption making them more readily available for the body to use.
  • Tasteless and Odourless - When collagen is hydrolyzed, it’s so easy and versatile to use as it can dissolve in anything hot or cold, without having any effect on the taste or smell of the food or drinks that you may be mixing it with. This is why hydrolyzed collagen peptides are perfect for collagen teas, which are already blended for you, and are so easy to just serve, pour and drink!

If you are looking for a simple way to improve the health of your body, consider trying collagen drinks to help replenish your cells and encourage healthy skin. Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea has 11 different collagen tea options, with different flavours and health benefits, so you will surely find the perfect blend for you and your health needs.

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