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Welcome to the life of a standard 23-year-old girl. I’m Naomi, a current university student who more often than not thinks that she is invincible. I go out clubbing every weekend (at least once) and am in a permanent state of sleep deprivation. I am notorious for drinking one too many vodka shots and admittedly, devouring a Big Mac meal at 2am after a night out at the clubs has become part of my weekly routine. I certainly do not treat my body like a temple, but touch wood, have so far managed to get away with it.  Not to toot my own horn, but the phrase “you look so young” gets chucked my way at least once a week.

In saying this, I know that I won’t look young forever— one day all my bad habits will catch up to me. I am no Kardashian. My skin won’t always have that youthful glow, my hangovers will get progressively worse, and yes, I may have already googled the term “preventative Botox” countless times before. But what I didn’t realise until now, was the preventative powers that drinking collagen for skin health at a young age holds. Collagen drinks could indeed be the key to eternal youthfulness, or at the very least buy me, and all the other youngsters out there, a bit more precious time in the party scene and remaining looking young, fresh faced with firm skin and less wrinkles than my peers!

Collagen, arguably the buzzword in beauty circles yet again in 2023, is one of the key structural proteins in our body. It plays a critical role in holding our soft tissue together and accounts for about 30% of our body’s protein. Collagen helps structure, strengthen, and support our hair, bones, tendons, blood vessels, cartilage, digestive system ( gut) and importantly our skin. Did you know that our body is made up of 28 different types of collagen? Put simply, without collagen, our body simply cannot survive.

So why aren’t we turning to collagen drinks more often, is the question that we really should all be asking ourselves? Could collagen drinks be the “mirror mirror on the wall” that we have all been searching for? The potential benefits of drinking collagen for skin are far-reaching and can be often overlooked, especially by us young ones!

Collagen For Skin - prevent wrinkles in your 20s

Collagen For Skin & the Benefits You’ll Gain

Collagen forms a critical component of the infrastructure of our skin. Indeed, drinking collagen can support our skin in a myriad of ways. Collagen makes up 70% of the weight of our dermis; both our thickest layer of skin and the layer responsible for providing elasticity and strength to our skin. Having a happy dermis is central to achieving both a youthful appearance and keeping our body in order. Collagen for skin is a crucial part of our daily routine as more and more scientific research points towards supporting and promoting the skin’s structure by replenishing collagen supplementation.

Our body naturally produces collagen from the day that we are born. However, like many other facets of life, our collagen production and quality only decreases with age. From about the age of 25, our collagen supply begins to dwindle. For the older ladies out there, many studies indicate that you can lose up to 30% of your collagen supply within the first five years of menopause — a scary reality.  But for the younger ladies like myself– we start to lose about 1% to 2% per year from our mid 20’s.  This is why it’s crucial to start taking collagen drinks from an even younger age than you’d think.  This change in collagen production negatively affects our body in many ways — our skin being no exception, and usually the main culprit of degradation in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dull skin, dry skin, or loss of elasticity in the skin’s structure.

When our collagen levels fall, the physical structure of our collagen molecules becomes more brittle and fragile. This in turn weakens the structure of our dermis, which consequently can make our fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin more pronounced.
So, how can collagen drinks help to address these ageing issues you may ask? Here is your answer!

Increasing our collagen intake by consuming hydrolysed collagen peptides can help to stimulate collagen production. Hydrolysed collagen peptides can be found in many types of supplements, including a collagen powder, collagen liquid and even collagen tea (like ours at Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea), and these collagen drinks include the bioavailable, microscopic and highly ascorbic, and digestible collagen peptides (collagen protein). Because hydrolysed collagen peptides are easily absorbed from ingesting them — our body is more easily able to absorb and circulate them and benefit from them - from the inside!! These collagen peptides can help to replenish our body’s collagen supply which in turn will help to support our skin health and structure. Boosting our collagen supply can help enhance our skin texture by making our skin both smoother and firmer. It can also help to minimise the appearance of fine lines, lumps and bumps, and wrinkles, and may increase our skin’s hydration and elasticity — all core characteristics of maintaining a youthful appearance.

Here at Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, we offer collagen drinks in various forms. Think loose-leaf tea, collagen powdered tea and even collagen teabags— we’ve got you covered!

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It's never too early to start —the benefits of collagen for skin!

Whilst I previously mentioned that our collagen supply only starts to deplete from our mid-twenties, it is never too early to start drinking collagen and gain the benefits of collagen for skin and start your ageing prevention, maintenance, and management! Drinking collagen can help to support our skin irrespective of our age. To the Gen Z’s out there, collagen drinks can be considered a more preventative measure — preventing the ageing process and helping to preserve our youthfulness for longer, well into our 30s.

I don’t know about you but being constantly reminded that I “look so young” never gets old — it’s the ultimate ego boost.   

For those who are about to/ already have hit the big 30, collagen drinks can help to manage your ageing process.
For the 45+ year-olds, fear not, collagen drinks can help to maintain your current skin health, complexion, and appearance, and help to slow down further ageing process. After all, Jennifer Aniston, the Friends superstar that we all know and love, swears by collagen supplements. The now 54-year-old doesn’t look a day over 30!
And not to leave out the 55+ year olds – collagen is crucial for strong ligaments, tendons and joints, a key concern for ageing bodies, and being able to remain mobile and active.

In saying this, to maximise the potential “youthful benefits” of collagen peptides - like our collagen teas, it is important to continue to look after our skin with a more modern approach - and from within – as it’s not only about what topical creams you use, because Collagen really only works from the inside. Collagen Peptides by themselves are no magic potion and will not transform our skin overnight – it is all about consistency and daily usage.  So other key factors to help reduce ageing, would be applying sunscreen daily, reducing the time that we spend in direct sunlight, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, not smoking, reducing sugars and alcohol intake, and eating a well-balanced diet are also central to protecting and preserving our collagen supply in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and will show up in our skin year on year.  When coupled with these healthy lifestyle habits, collagen tea holds the potential to help support that youthful radiant glow that we all crave and want to maintain.
Collagen drinks could be a sure fire element of the fountain of youth that we are searching for! Who knows, collagen drinks could, in fact, be the key to both me and you getting asked for ID forever?
Check out our full range here and start sipping for prevention now!


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