Which tea should I drink after Yoga?

Drinking tea before or after a yoga class can result in surprising benefits....  especially after a yoga class when your mind is relaxed, your body is invigorated and has been activated, and you're feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.  So it's great to  ease your body back into the stress and chaos of life after yoga with a little help, and that could be as simple as a soothing cup of tea!!!!   Tea not only helps to hydrate the body after you've just worked out, but it also has many important health benefits.   So we know the antioxidants and health benefits of Black, Oolong, White, oolong and Green teas which all contain natural caffeine, and don't jolt you as much as coffee would, but also tea provides you with a slower release of energy along with a soothing and relaxing effect, not to mention that they're packed with nutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins!   

Tea also helps to reduce inflammation, boost metabolism, improve the immune system and provide a rich source of antioxidants (which help to reduce free radical damage in the body), so what better way than to end your yoga session and have a lovely cup of herbal or green/black/white tea to boost your energy and help digest your hard work, restore the body and transition smoothly into the rest of your day or night!  So, we know you're asking which tea is best after yoga? Well, it's all down to preferences - do you like Green or do you like Herbal or do you like Black tea? But if you are practicing yoga in the morning, enjoy green, ginger, chai or yogi tea after your session, as they all have invigorating and stimulating properties.

After an evening yoga class, choose calming teas such as chamomile, lavender, mint or jasmine, as these teas will provide many of the health benefits listed above while also promoting a soothing, relaxing mindset nearing bedtime and readying you for a great nights' sleep.

So, we've listed the best tea pairings for whatever type of yoga you practice to help you enjoy your two favourite things!!! Yoga and Tea!!!! 

1). Restorative yoga - Lock in that peaceful, calm and rejuvenated feeling with a cup of  either soothing lavender or a mood-boosting chamomile - and keep on humming!

2). Hot Yoga - Menthol-abundant peppermints and spearmints activate our body's cells’ cold-sensitive receptors to create a mild cooling sensation for up to an hour or more - great for your cool-down!

3). Meditation - A recent study discovered that the polyphenols found in green tea help to increase our cognitive function, making green tea and sencha tea great brews before a meditation session!

4). Active Yoga - Research suggests that the natural caffeine found in black tea can improve our body's circulation, and in turn keep us from getting light-headed after a vigorous yoga class... black tea is known as a pick-me-up and an energy-booster - so, no fainting goats here thanks very much!! 

So, overall, if you love your tea, and you also love your yoga, try and pair them up based on the way you're feeling after your yoga session and enjoy the benefits from both!!!


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