The Best Way to Drink Collagen for Skin

The best way to drink collagen for your skin.....

If you’ve never tried collagen tea before, you’ve come to the right place! At Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, we know that people of all ages are looking for simple and cost-effective ways to look after their skin. The good news is that tea infused with collagen peptides provides a wide variety of health and beauty benefits, without breaking the bank.

So, say goodbye to expensive creams, serums, pots of powders and proteins, and hello to collagen beauty tea!


What is collagen?

First thing’s first — what is collagen? Collagen is a type of protein that is naturally produced by the body in great quantities. In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It provides structure to your skin, bones, hair, nails, joints, tendons and connective tissues and also plays a role in gut health. 

Beyond these essential functions, collagen is also responsible for replacing and restoring dead skin cells in the dermal layer as it supports skin complexion, hydration, elasticity and texture, and is also directly linked to your hair and nail health. 

As we age, the amount of collagen produced by our body begins to decrease. This is one of the direct factors that leads to the classic physical signs that we associate with ageing — dry and wrinkled skin, sunspots, and weak, thinning, greying, brittle hair.

This is where collagen enters the picture. Collagen comes in various forms like tablets, gummies or most importantly collagen-infused tea — and works to restore our collagen levels and support improved physical appearance, from within!


Why should I take collagen-infused tea?

As mentioned, there are a wide variety of collagen products available. At Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, we truly believe in the positive and restorative power of collagen tea, for a number of reasons.

Collagen tea features a hydrolyzed form of collagen peptides. Hydrolyzed peptides break down easily, meaning that you can not taste the inclusion of collagen in your morning drink, and the protein is more easily absorbed into your bloodstream.

The factor of convenience is another reason why many beauty enthusiasts love tea infused with collagen. Convenience is particularly important if you are new to collagen and looking for a simple way to include collagen into your daily routine. Many of us already enjoy a cup or two of tea every day; swapping out your regular tea bag for one infused with collagen is very simple and easy to achieve.


Why Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea?

Where do we start? Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea was created right here in Australia, by an avid-tea lover who wanted to combine her love of tea with the restorative power of collagen. Thus, Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea was born!

Our beauty teas are available in a wide variety of types and flavours, to suit the needs of every tea drinker and collagen enthusiast. If you have never tried a collagen tea before, consider opting for a flavour that you already enjoy. This could be chamomile, herbal teas, green tea, white tea, black tea or peppermint, to name just a few.

At Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea, we also understand the concerns that our customers have for the environment. Our teabags are completely biodegradable and compostable and feature non-bleached, non-toxic strings and recyclable tea tags and boxes - good for your skin AND the planet! We like that!

So, start your journey with collagen off on the right foot by trying one of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea’s many blends today. You’ll be drinking the benefits by becoming a collagen tea expert in no time, and your skin will love you!


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